Star Wars: Republic commando is coming to the Nintendo switch.

Star Wars: Republic commando is coming to the Nintendo switch. This will be one of the very small number of Star Wars games available on the Nintendo switch. In the four years the system has been available less than 10 games from the franchise have released for it. This is surprising considering Nintendo has an extensive collection of Star Wars themed video games. Many of which would seem to be ideally suited for conversion to the Nintendo switch. The initial release of the game on the Nintendo switch will be a digital down. However, that will be for a limited time and will be replaced with a physical copy. This also may be a chance for a new lease on life for one of the underdogs of the Star Wars universe franchise.


past of Star Wars: Republic commando


This video game, was released to limited success several years ago. As a squad-based shooter the player is in control of the leader of a team of four clone commandos. The player is able to issue special commands each of his teammates also executing abilities of his own. Each of the squad mates has a unique talent or specialty income where the leader/player has a bit of each. Clone commandos according to can in Star Wars are clone troopers modified for special operations. They were issued enhanced combat armor and multipurpose blasters. Both of these attributes are seen in the video to a great extent. The commandos are also sent on missions behind enemy lines were stealth and takedown power are critical. Once again this is seen quite often in the videogame. On a side note, clone commandos were featured in several episodes of Star Wars the clone. Using the exact equipment and tactics as per trade in the videogame where they made their first appearance. Though a fairly successful game it was not one of the more well-known franchise. though that could have been because it was overshadowed games at the time.


Nintendo switch digital


Star Wars: Republic commandos is scheduled for digital release exclusive to the Nintendo switch on April 6th. Part of this release is Nintendo’s attempt to add more Star Wars video games to Nintendo switch. It also seems likely that they are trying to add titles that are relatively unknown. It is also important to point out that this dish will release appears to be a temporary one. More akin to gaining people’s attention as a hard copy release his plan. indeed, the games owners plan to release the hard copies for the new switch and PlayStation four. Of particular interest, to Star Wars fans is the collector’s edition which will be more expensive but have additional features. both the hardcopy variations will be available for preorder April 16th. The exact time the digital version of the game will disappear is currently unavailable. That being said, it will probably be taken down around the same time the hard copies become general available. Of course, it is still encouraging to see Nintendo adding Star Wars to the switch. Perhaps they will eventually one of their more well-known titles such as Star Wars rogue squadron. One could also make the argument that these older titles would be better suited to rerelease on the switch. Regardless, fans of the Star Wars series will no doubt eagerly await the chance to play a new Star Wars game on the switch.

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