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Crew Of 53 Sailors Presumed Dead After The Mysterious Sinking Of Indonesian Submarine 3 Days Ago

Indonesian submarine sunk

A couple of days ago it is reported that 72 hours of oxygen Left on the Indonesian Submarine was lost. Which was taken as good news because there was still time to rescue. This submarine, German-made was conducting a drill but failed to report back and since then no one has heard back from them.

Countries like Singapore and Malaysia have already sent their ships off for Search operations US, Australia, France, and Germany have also extended their Helping hands and offered assistance. Later reports were some items were also found near the site of the accident. Which is said to be the belongings of crew members on board. Finding these belongings left no hope of finding any survivors. But now, it is confirmed that the Indonesian submarine sunk and all 53 sailors on board presumed dead as the navy says the vessel sunk.

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Reason for this Unfortunate incident:

This incident will mark as one of the most unfortunate incidents in history in terms of marine Accidents. When the submarine was reported to be lost, there were some traces of oil spilling were found. So the major reason is said to be fuel tank damage. However, there could be another reason as well. Nothing is confirmed as of now.

Another major reason for this Indonesian Submarine incident could be an electric power failure. Therefore, the crew hasn’t been able to perform emergency protocols to stop this accident. As a result, This, unfortunately, turned the sub miss phase into the sub sunk phase.

Later it was also reported that rescuers know the area near Bali where this incident occurred but it’s too deep to operate and search.

However, it is not confirmed that all crew members are dead. So, there is still some hope left for now.

What Indonesian navy has to say about this incident?

“We have now moved from the ‘sub miss’ phase to ‘sub sunk,” Indonesian navy Chief of Staff Adm. Yudo Margono Stated. He also added  that they are still carrying out the search in the depth of the sea and have already detected it at 850 meters (2,790 feet), which is very tricky and presents many difficulties,”

The major reason he gave was Oxygen supplies for the 53 crew members onboard the submarine named “KRI Nanggala 402” likely to be run out.

However, he has also given some hope as no remains have found yet. So the slight possibility of a few of them surviving is still there.

while stating this he also ruled out the possibility of the explosion said “If it’s an explosion it will be in pieces. The cracks happened gradually in some parts when it went down from 300 meters to 400 meters to 500 meters… If there was an explosion, it would be heard by the sonar,”

Highlights :

  • A couple of days ago it is reported that 72 hours of oxygen Left on the Indonesian Submarine was lost.
  • Indonesian submarine: 53 sailors presumed dead as navy says vessel sunk.
  •  It is not confirmed that all crew members are dead. So, there is still some hope left for now.

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