Elon Musk Tweets about DOGE sparked the debate again as it Goes Up

Elon Musk Tweets ‘What Does the Future Hold?’ as DOGE Goes Up:

Recently Elon Musk came out as the biggest supporter of Dogecoin. He is again at it, tweeted Elon Musk Tweets ‘What Does the Future Hold?’ as DOGE Goes Up.

Is he really Hinting the future is Dogecoin, is it really the time now to start investing in this currency. No one took this currency Seriously, I mean why we would? Because the currency itself started as the meme. As introduced by its creators itself as Fun way of payment.

Now, did Elon Musk has completely changed the Dogecoins Future Just with a couple of tweets? We really need to think about this. Do you think it’s Time to Invest in Dogecoin Now? Tell us in comments why or why not. At least after Elon musk’s first tweet which Reads as “Doge barking to the moon” it has surely inspired many of the investors to invest in the meme Currency. There is ongoing Debate Will this currency value will reach $1 if yes, so when?

If you Haven’t made your mind yet about whether to invest in it or not, we are about to get you some mesmerizing stats that will surely help you to make your decision. So read carefully till the end.

Dogecoin’s Value surging?

Dogecoin is that the term you’ve got heard Time and again in past Few years. Invented in 2013, in an effort to make Fun and hassle-free payment system. this is often thought of engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The currency started solely for fun has reached around $5 billion in market capitalization in 2021. Which has eventually made Dogecoin Price Prediction vital. Because you never know what exactly to expect. There are some estimations that it’d reach higher prices.

So let’s take an in-depth look at the Dogecoin Price evaluation and what to expect in near future. Can Dogecoin be often Next Bitcoin? Read further to understand all of your queries about this meme currency

The current Trading rate of Dogecoin is $0.13 cents, as per reports. The price of Dogecoin is currently very low and the major reason behind these prices is the circulation of the coin per annum is around 5 billion. Explaining, In simple words per annum new 5 billion coins are Added. Reaching 10 cents may be a big milestone for this currency, and now it’s already crossed the $10 cents mark. So it clear that the Dogecoin Price Prediction graph will just go higher.

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Dogecoin Price Estimations in few years:

Dogecoin price prediction

This Cryptocurrency has gained much attention when, Elon musk tweeted to the moon, alongside its symbolic Dog face. And from then Dogecoin has only got higher. And now this second tweet has also added fuel to the fire. But if you’re thinking to take a position during this currency note that it is often seen as an extended-term investment instead of getting instant profits. As we are estimating prices, if we set five years mark and calculate so in Five years it’ll said to be reached around quite $5 if it’s profit increased exponentially. But if we see for next year it’d reach $1 mark. This is again the foremost asked question about this currency.

( * Above Given statements are just estimations as per market and Expert reports for you to form informed decisions. Investment accompany certain risks, know your risk factor well, research then invest)

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