Did Aliens Just Give Us A Visit? Unidentified Object Seen Flying By SpaceX Rocket

Did Aliens Just Give Us A Visit? Unidentified Object Seen Flying By SpaceX Rocket:

2021, is the year of the unknown did we just got visited by aliens? Seems like it. As photos and video of fireball lights seen within the Pacific Northwest night sky gained interest on Social Media. There are several theories were still going on since then.

In Portland, Oregon video of the event was also circulated actively and said to be captured by KATU News reporter Genevieve Reaume. Local outlet King5 has also published a compilation of footage of the lights seen from the state of Washington.

The National Weather Service in Seattle also said on Twitter within the first morning of March 26, that according to “unofficial sources”, the objects within the sky were debris from the SpaceX rocket. In subsequent tweets, the office explained why the objects weren’t meteors, supported their reentering angle and slower speed.

“It did exactly what it had been imagined to do, it put satellites in orbit. the only failure it had is that it didn’t complete deorbit burn, so it didn’t come down when and where we expected it,”

said James Davenport, Research professor at the Astronomy Department of the University of Washington.

Similar images were seen in Australia in Feb. 2021 when debris from a Chinese rocket burned up because it re-entered the earth’s atmosphere as reported by Reuters.

Who can sight Aliens (if possible):

Did Aliens Just Give Us A Visit? Unidentified Object Seen Flying By SpaceX Rocket

If an alien spaceship were to look in Earth’s sky, it’s likely it’d be seen first by people who spend plenty of some time gazing upwards: astronomers. But astronomers don’t usually get the sight of Unidentified Flying Objects so yes it’s a rare occurrence.

Because they are fully knowledgeable about the sorts of objects that will appear in both the daytime and nighttime sky, they’re able to identify most sightings fairly quickly, no matter how strange they’ll appear. On the other hand, members of the general public do report UFOs.
There are several reports that During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, there’s been an increase in perceived UFO sightings in many countries. Many are attributed to most people’s relative inexperience in camera shots. Lens flares and internal reflections within the camera are often to be blamed, simple words it’s basically physics and literally some rocket Science. In 2020, the bump-up in UFO reports is additionally a symbol that people have had longer to observe the sky.

What it can be if not Aliens?

To the unaided eye, it is impossible to grasp the situation. But If you’re fortunate enough to witness this sort of flash within the sky, grab your binoculars! Magnification may confirm that the thing is indeed moving slightly instead of remaining static.
Some meteors are often so bright that they’re going to illuminate the night sky in such how which can briefly turn the night into day. They’re actually pretty common if you think that about Earth as a whole.

What do you think about these UFOs? Do you really believe in aliens tell us in the comments?

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