Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs New Law And Now It’s Going To Be Difficult To Ban Political Figures From Social Media Platforms

Ron DeSantis signs law against tech firms de-platforming political figures

Tech Firms may face legal action to remove politicians from their platforms. To put it in simpler terms, If Twitter will ban some politician from its platform it might face Legal action.

So, when we talk about ‘De-platforming’ politicians we know the Name that comes to your mind is Donald Trump.  Twitter Banned him After the US Capitol incident. The incident claimed 6 innocent lives including a police officer.

Trump was found encouraging his followers using Twitter that Results of the recent Presidential Election are Forged. Which eventually led to Capitol violence. Joe Biden won that election and is the current US President. Twitter Removed Trump’s account after that incident.

According to Trump is the so-called Right to speech has literally claimed several lives. So, is it the Right Decision to enforce on Tech firms? That’s the big question. As an individual when you get to enjoy several rights be it in Any country it comes with a set of Duties to abide by it. It is really necessary for a politician to speak what they think right, that could urge people for violence? And that platforms can’t really do anything. Tell us in the comments.

Tech Firms may face legal action to remove politicians from their platforms

What does this law say against the De-platforming of politicians?

According to the law, any social media platform banning politicians can pay up to $25 grand in a single day. Well did we told you that Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is a big-time Trump supporter?  Seems like motive is something else.

Governor Desantis spoke about this law

“We took motion to make certain that ‘We the People’, actual Floridians throughout the Sunshine State, are assured safety in opposition to the Silicon Valley elites, Many in our kingdom have skilled censorship and different tyrannical conduct firsthand in Cuba and Venezuela. If Big Tech censors put in force regulations inconsistently, to discriminate in want of the dominant Silicon Valley ideology, they may now be held accountable.”

Now, the question is will politicians in the state of Florida know when to stop, and will they stop inciting innocent people for their gain? Or what will these Tech Giants say about this rule? However, they haven’t Said anything as of now. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

There had been many debates about the ban on Social media sites when these platforms are solely made to express oneself. There have been several controversies that how much is too much? When politicians like Trump and obviously his supporters are using these platforms to gain more and more supporters. It is really right for the state to defend their politicians, whether they are wrong. If the right to speech are claiming lives is it really a right or consider a crime?  On the other hand, social media platforms also tend to take action over most trivial things. Recently Twitch banned its most popular Female streamer’s Ad revenue without prior notice.

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What do you think about this law? Every state should have this kind of law or not? Tell us.

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