Geo Group Stock faced a surge of Over 38% So Far Today as expected by Redditors early this morning

Geo Group of companies faces a sudden increase in the Stock by more than 38% as was predicted by the Redditors on Wednesday morning.

The stock of Geo Group company which is a real estate investment is being monitored by many investors as they are facing political pressure and sold REITs and which results in the decrease of the stock value of the company. Geo group of the company currently changed its CEO and the previous CEO became the Executive Chairman of the Geo Group of companies.

The condition of the Geo Group of companies is very bad from past some years. They are facing several losses. The stock price goes down. But the recent price of the Geo Group stock is 9.22 USD. View analysts rated the stock of Geo Group of companies as the Top-rated stock.

The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) is a real estate investment trust which invests in mental health facilities and private prisons in United Kingdom, Australia, North America, and South Africa.

stock hike of geo

Insider Trading In Geo Group of Companies

In the current scenario, 3.6 percent of the stock of Geo Group of companies held by the insiders and 79.3 percent by Financial institutes. The director of the company, FOREMAN ANNE N, sold their shares on 25 August for $11.12.He has a total of 3,500 shares of the company which makes the total of $38920.0.

Another director of the Geo Group of companies, GLANTON RICHARD H also sell their shares of the company on August 10. He sold 2,838 shares at $10.88 which makes a total amount of $30,863.0.


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