Amazon games is about to publish one of the most popular Korean MMO “Lost Ark” in the west | Find out the Release Date

About Lost Ark Game

Lost Ark is a multiplayer online game which is developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s game development subsidiary Smilegate RPG. It was released in Korea on 4 December 2018. It also started its beta version for Russia and Japan. This game will come to Europe and North American region at the end of this year. This is a very popular game in Korea and won six-game awards at Korea Game Awards. It is very renowned in Korea.

Lost Ark Release in the West Region

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Lost Ark is a free game to play which is a massively multiplayer online game that is available in South Korea, Russia, and Japan.
But there is a piece of good news for all who live in North America and Europe. Amazon announced that Lost Ark is launching in North America and Europe in partnership with developer Smilegate RPG. Lost Ark is “What if Diablo 3 was a Massively Multiplayer Online game?” In this game, we basically have to kill a throng of devils to get essentials. There are 15 characters in it. We can also combine the skills of more than one character to create a unique character.

It will be released later in 2021. It was mentioned that they will release “by 2021”.so in other words we can say we have to wait for the next two or three months for Lost Ark to come to North America and Europe. It feels full of exuberant to see Lost Ark.It will be really amazing to see the action on the game and In this game, we also sail the bot to reach an island.

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