Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ leaked by Guitar company Gibson via email before Ubisoft E3 show

A video game produced by Ubisoft names Rocksmith+ was leaked by Gibson, a guitar company through an email newsletter. It is the next game in the Rocksmith series produced by Ubisoft. They are thinking to come with the subscription system, which gave players a growing library of songs to learn after the subscription.

But before they gave reveal the idea of this new series of Rocksmith, Gibson the well know guitar company leaked the idea through email before Ubisoft producer can reveal it. Ubisoft was planning to reveal this news in the Ubisoft E3 show. The newsletter also states closed beta version for the PC version will be launching today itself.

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ leaked

About Rocksmith+ and How it will Work

“Over the past 10 years, nearly 5 million people have learned how to play guitar and bass using the award-winning Rocksmith Method,” Written in the newsletter. Now with this subscription service in Rocksmith+ will make it easier to learn how to play guitar, It will be an interactive session of music learning that will work with guesswork to check the progress. This program will rock out with your favorite Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer models.
This subscription will also give you a free tuning device which makes it better. you can learn any type of guitar acoustic, electric, or bass guitar from this Rocksmith+ after subscription.

There is a live communication process in Rocksmith+, you can avail if you will buy the subscription of Rocksmith+. There are some more advantages-

  • Real-time feedback-You can give live feedback and can ask any sort of question at that instance only.
  • Riff Repeater-You can also change the speed of the song according to your preferences to get maximum output and can be controlled by itself.
  • An Excellent library-It was a gargantuous library which is an ever-growing library for music.

But all of these will advantage will work when you have a subscription to Rocksmith+.

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