Girl Scouts left with 15 million of unsold cookies as pandemic magnificently affected its sale

The Girl Scouts is the organization which is the largest girl-serving organization in the world, which program which help the girls/female to develop the new skills and confidence to organize and work for their living. This organization is firstly introduced or we can say the founder of the organization is Juliette Gordon low. She organized the first Girl Scout troop on 12 March 1912. They are building their individual potential and by combining together, they started helping each other. There are five essential skills that the girls of Girl Scouts learn are goal setting, money management, people skills, decision making, and Business ethics.

Loss Faced by Girl Scouts in this Pandemic Period-

girl scouts cookies face loss

Before Corona or we can say before Pandemic, the Girl Scouts used to sell their cookies all over And on average, they sell approximately 200 million boxes per year which are around  $800 million worth. But in this pandemic situation, they faced tremendous loss as ost the people didn’t buy the cookies for the safety purpose or because of the situation they are facing as there were lockdown in my countries and government are not allowing to work for the shake of safety purpose. The losses faced by the companies which are making food items are very large as the stock gets expired and which is of no use.

Rebecca Latham who is the current CEO of the Girl Scout of New Mexico Trails said that the council of Girl Scouts had 22,00 boxes left at the end of the selling season in late spring. This pandemic shows the grandiose effect to many people who are earning on daily basis and also to the people who are selling items that have less time to expire. and also to the people who have stock for future selling products.

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