Dodla Dairy to offer shares for 3 days with a cost range of ₹421-₹428 per share

Dodla Dairy is the country’s third-largest dairy firm by daily milk acquisition. As of March 31, 2021, Dodla Dairy produced raw milk with an aggregate of 1.03 million liters per day. It also holds the second-largest private dairy market share, having a tremendous position in southern India. The states Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra are generating more profits for the organization. Uganda and Kenya are home to the organization’s overseas activities.

The organization Dodla Dairy has collected 156 crores from 18 anchoring stakeholders at a pricing of 428 per expected profit in the highest pricing range. The company allotted the maximum price range of $428 per share (IPO) for 36.46 lakh equity shares preceding the initial public offering.


IPO opening

16 June 2021

IPO closing

18 June 2021

Likely allotment

23 June 2021

Likely listing

28 June 2021

Dodla Dairy

The Company Dodla Dairy is a leading limited liability company based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, with its administrative and organizational offices there. The firm was founded in 1995, and manufacturing began in 1997. Its procurement is now concentrated in five states, and its items are purchasable in eleven more. There are 94 milk chilling centers across the country.

On June 14, the initial public offering (IPO) of Dodla Dairy’s subscription period was started. Only for three days, the public announcement will be offered i.e., from June 16 to 18, with a cost range of 421-428 per share. The shares are expected to be listed to BSE, Sensex, and NSE Nifty on  June 28.

The promoters will attempt to sell up to 1,09,85,444 shares in Dodla Dairy’s public offering, which would include a fresh issuance of up to 50 crores.  Investors can bid for a minimum of one lot of 35 shares and multiples of that amount, up to a total of 13 lots. A total of 50% of the issuance has been set aside for eligible educational purchasers, 35% for general merchandise purchasers, and 15% for non-institutional shareholders.

TPG Dodla Dairy Holdings will sell 92 lakh shares, while Dodla Sunil Reddy will sell 4,16,604 shares, Dodla Family Trust will sell 10,41,509 shares, and Dodla Deepa Reddy will sell 3,27,331 shares.


Price band

₹421 to ₹428

Market lot


Minimum order value (single lot)


Maximum order value (13 lots)



Dodla Dairy’s Competition

Dodla Dairy 1,178 1.8
Hatsun Agro Products 2,651 3.0
Heritage Foods 1,375 4.0

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