Ares Season 2 Netflix’s Most Likely To Release Soon, Release Date Dates, Casts and Plots Revealed

One of the greatest dramatical horror genres, “Ares” is ready to renew its second season quite soon on the original worldwide streaming network Netflix. Directed by Michael Ten Horn and Giancarlo Sanchez, this horror web television series was first imagined and created by Iris Otten, Sander Van Meurs, and Pieter Kuijpers. The production house Pupkin, released season 1 on 17 January 2020, with a total of 8 episodes, each episode running for 30 minutes. Now, Pupkin has decided to reboot and launch another season of “Ares”. According to Greek mythology, Ares is the God of War and his Roman equivalent is Mars. Being a son of Zeus (God of Thunder; Ruler of the Gods) and Hera (Goddess of Marriage and Birth), Ares is considered to be one of the 12 Olympians. Ares signifies the brutality and gory violence of war, highlighting that ruthless sacrifice is inevitable to gain success, and that includes paying the price with innocent lives.

Ares Season 2 Release Date Could Be Delayed

Though Netflix’s show doesn’t have any fixed release dates given by the makers, season 2 of “Ares” is most likely expected to launch sometime during the middle of 2021, on Netflix. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is a slight possibility of the show being delayed or worse, canceled as the deadly pandemic is bound to affect the production, schedule, and budget of the show. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for the smooth and early renewal of the show.

Ares Season 2 Cast, Here Are The Possibilities


Most fans are not expecting any major changes or alterations to the first cast of season 1. This means that the previous cast may give a second appearance in season 2. Check out the list of the cast members

  • Jade Olieberg as Rosa Steenwijk
  • Robin Boissevain as Roderick van Hall
  • Rifka Lodeizen as Hester de Hoogh
  • Lisa Smith as Carmen Zwanenburg
  • Hans Kesting as Maurits Zwanenburg
  • Roos Dickman as Puk
  • Tobias Kersloot as Jacob Wessels
  • Frieda Barnhard as Fleur Booms

Ares Season 2 Plot and Revised Storyline

The entire plot of “Ares” revolves around the protagonist Rose Steenwijk, a first-year medical student in Amsterdam. She had secretly joined the university’s student society “Ares” and gradually began to stumble upon the deepest and darkest secrets of the society and hence, the series name “Ares”. The storyline’s exact progression is kind of hard to assess as no official trailer or information has been released to the public just yet. Though it is safe to assume that the plan the group came up with at Bay will be executed in the second season. In season 1, Rosa dies and is reincarnated with enormous supernatural abilities. The upcoming season may signify the imagery and intensity of Rosa’s powers and how they will continue to be a part of her life forever.

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Ares Season 2 Other News From Trusted Sources

This supernatural horror drama series got an overall rating of 6/10 on the IMDb rating scale with a good average percentage of 65/100. More news and updates will be mentioned immediately.

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