Megan Boone will exit after Blacklist Season 8 – Latest Updates and Reason of her leaving

The personal connection between Red (James Spader), a criminal-turned-informant (like the real-life Whitey Bulger), and Elizabeth (Megan Boone), a rookie FBI agent, is the focus of “The Blacklist,” which premieres on NBC and has the past 7 seasons available on Netflix. Following years of eluding arrest as a wanted felon, Red gives himself into the FBI at the start of the series. The title of the series alludes to a list of other prominent criminals that Red has acquired throughout his tenure in the criminal world. While Elizabeth has little choice but to collaborate with Red in order to apprehend individuals on his “blacklist,” he remains a fascinating figure who never entirely earns her confidence.

The connection between Red and Elizabeth changes dramatically in Season 8 of “The Blacklist”. Initially, Red assassinates Elizabeth’s mother to keep her from disclosing information of his identity which he wishes to remain hidden. Then Elizabeth totally commits to a crime, abandoning the FBI. As a result, Red, as well as Elizabeth, have been at the head of one another hit lists (literal and figurative, respectively).

The Blacklist Elizabeth on Phone

Mutual Decision

The unfortunate thing for Blacklist fans is that Boone announced his choice to leave early on, even before Season 9 was renewed in January. That means that loyal fans of the show will get to watch a full, concluding journey for her character, Elizabeth “Liz” Keen, rather than a quick walk out the door. And, according to reports, the decision was mutual, so there was no ill blood on the programme.

Spader, Diego Klattenhoff, and Harry Lennix seem to be the only original actors left on The Blacklist now that Boone has left the programme. Since Season 1, Joseph Licciardi has played a recurrent character on the show. Ryan Eggold, Parminder Nagra, and Mozhan Marn are among the key cast members who have departed the show.

Boone departed the series for the aforementioned portion of this season due to “personal reasons,” however she did not specify what those reasons were. In addition to The Blacklist, the actress has appeared in programmes such as The Underground Railroad, Robot Chicken, and Law and Order: L.A.

The Blacklist has been extended for a ninth season, so it will continue with or without Boone. The last episodes of Boone aired on NBC on June 16 and 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

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