The Witch Star Anya Taylor-Joy thought she would ‘Never Work Again’ after her debut

Born on April 16, 1996, Anna Taylor Joy is a British actress and model. Gaining her popularity with her work she has won a lot of awards as part of her honor such as a Golden Globe Award for “The Queen’s Gambit”, Critics’ Choice Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She. has been named as one of the “best-dressed personalities” in 2021 by Time magazine.


Anya Taylor-Joy landed a role in 2015 with the role of Thomasin in The Witch. Despite the fact that her performance in the series was praised by the audience, Taylor-Joy felt she could have done more better. In fact, the actress recently told The Hollywood Reporter that her performance in The Witch left her “devastated.” “I believed I’d never work again; just thinking about it gives me goosebumps,” she added. “It was simply the worst feeling in the world like I’d let down the people I care about the most.’ ‘I didn’t do it correctly.’

She never expected to be cast in the supernatural horror film since Thomasin was characterized as plain in the movie. According to her, the role that she played was not up to the expectation and it gave her the worst feeling that she had let down the hopes of the ones she cared about the most. She even claimed in her recent interview that after watching “The Witch”, she had the fear that she’d never get a chance to work again as the audience would not like the movie and that her career in the industry will come to an end. Regardless of Taylor’s feelings about her performance in The Witch, audiences adored it, and it helped her work “for a year” straight.

Anya Taylor

When asked whether she had a go-to activity she would do after completing a movie or television series, Taylor-Joy responded, “I weep uncontrollably on flights.” “However, sobbing is therapeutic. It wasn’t a romance that caused my first heartbreak. My first sadness came after I finished my first job [on “The Witch”] and then feared losing the chance to be in the acting career.

Although being trapped in her own imagination to the point of considering quitting acting entirely, she worked on improving herself which lead her to perform better in her series “The Queen’s Gambit” which turned out to be a year that transformed her and being honored with the Golden Globe Award for the same.

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