Clara McGregor reveals Ewan McGregors secret baby boy with Mary Winstead

The birth of a newborn boy has brought joyful news to the McGregor family. The couple Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead always kept their relationship away from the spotlight and who never confirmed Mary’s pregnancy, had their baby news publicized on Instagram. Both the actors are said to welcome their first baby together with an Instagram post that was shared by Ewan McGregor’s daughters Clara McGregor who is 25 years old and Esther McGregor who is 19 years old.  McGregor, 50, has two more daughters from his former marriage to Eve Mavrakis: Jamyan McGregor, 20, and Anouk McGregor, 20.

ewan Mcgregor baby

McGregor’s family is on cloud nine with joy

Clara McGregor, his eldest daughter, is the first one to disclose her Movie star father’s good news in a sweet Instagram post. Recently, she posted a photo of herself cradling Ewan’s fifth kid, adding, “Welcome to the world, little brother.” In continuation to her post, she continued congratulating her dad and Mary by stating that it’s the greatest gift given to her by Mary.

Esther also posted a few photographs, disclosing her brother’s name, Laurie. “I met my younger brother dressed like a pirate,” Esther wrote, referencing to her bandanna and striped blouse. “I strongly suggest it! Laurie, welcome to the family.”

Ewan mcgregor and Mary

When did Evan and Winstead start dating?

This is Winstead’s first kid, and she never released publicly her pregnancy or was pictured with a baby bulge, according to PEOPLE. Riley Stearns was her previous husband for seven years before their relationship breakdown in May 2017. She was photographed kissing McGregor a few hours back, whom she met while filming Fargo in 2016. In January 2018 the divorce was confirmed between McGregor and Mavrakis. McGregor petitioned a magistrate in November 2019 to declare him and Mavrakis divorced. In August 2020, their divorce was completed. McGregor and Winstead, who subsequently co-starred in Birds of Prey, have kept their romance private since then.

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