Lil Kim wants to have a verzuz battle with Nicki Minaj

Born on 11th July 1975 in The United States, Lil’ Kim who’s original name is Kimberly Denise Jones is a well-known rapper, actor, supermodel, and reality television personality. Her childhood was not an awesome one as she did spend much of her teenage life on the streets after being kicked out of her home. On the other hand, Nici Minaj was born on 8th December 1982 and is currently a rapper, singer, and actor. With 137 million albums sold worldwide, Minaj has been dubbed the “Queen of Rap” by numerous media sources.

Lil Kim verzez Nicki Minaj

The enmity between the two rappers dates back over a decade and things are not good between the two. Over the last decade, they have been involved in a dispute that lasted for a very long time. Before the famous event BET Awards took place, when Lil’ Kim was interviewed she claimed that she wants to perform a Verzuz duel with Nicki Minaj. During a pre-show webcast on the red carpet at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, Kim was asked whether she would engage in Verzuz combat, to which she immediately answered “absolutely.” When asked whether there was someone, in particular, she would do it against, she said, “Nicki.”

Kim fell out of favor as the rapper business gained a new voice

Lil’ Kim burst onto the scene in the 1990s and rapidly became a household figure. However, Kim did not sustain the degree of celebrity she had in the 1990s. Nicki Minaj burst into the music scene in the mid-2000s. A new face Minaj came into the industry of rapper where she became very popular with her talent. She soon took over the industry and was known as the Queen of Rappers.


How did the conflict between the two begin?

Lil’Kim’s debut album, Hard Core, was released in 1996 and it gained a revolutionary record for its raucous and provocative tone. However, when Nicki’s mixtape Playtime Is Over in 2007 was released, it got everyone buzzing. Minaj published promotional images for Hard Core that were identical to Kim’s. Kim believed Minaj was merely copying her look and attempting to impersonate her. Kim boasted in 2011 that her mixtape Black Friday was selling in record quantities on PayPal. Minaj publicly ridiculed Kim and labeled her a liar for boasting about it. Minaj slammed Kim’s record sales again in 2019, but this time she didn’t identify her by name. Fans are becoming bored of hearing the two rap singers compare record sales figures.

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