New Jersey Devils, CEO Scott O’Neil resigns after 8 years to pursue new opportunities

Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, whose purpose is to develop enthusiastic, efficient, high-geared squads that encourage individuals to improves the societies wherein the squads love living, operate, enjoy, as well as achieve, is led by Scott O’Neil, the Chief Executive Officer. It is said that he pursued his bachelor’s from the Villanova University in marketing and has completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

New Jersey Devils, CEO Scott O'Neil resigns after 8 years to pursue new opportunities

Scott has served The process and Prudential Center for eight long years and is now planning to step down from the business. Scott who is the owner of the parent business Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday left Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment after executing and planning on a variety of new ideas and innovations for the business that would help the business to grow which includes the innovative development of Sixers company in New Jersey.

Scott O’Neil’s final verdict

Scott O’Neil stated over the phone, “I’m leaving because it’s time. I remember what it was like when we first walked in here, and to think we’ve grown this business, over $2 billion in value over six times in eight years, that’s what I do. Hypergrowth, super growth. I think that the right person coming in here will be a wonderful steward of this brand for years. But I think I’ve done what I came here to do.”

Scott O’Neil, who just authored the inspirational book “Be Where Your Feet Are,” stated he made the decision to leave HBSE in January and that he still on a strong bond with Blitzer and Harris.

Did the business grow after Scott O’Neil’s joining?

Josh Harris, the major owner of the 76ers and Devils, and David Blitzer, the minority owner of the 76ers and Devils, have O’Neil as a limited partner in Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment. O’Neil claimed he signed an agreement with Harris and Blitzer on a buyout and will help find a successor. HBSE has grown into one of the world’s most prestigious sports and entertainment companies. The Sixers were valued at $415 million when O’Neil joined them in 2013, and they are now valued at $2.5 billion.

New Jersey Devils, CEO Scott O'Neil resigns after 8 years to pursue new opportunities

Scott O’Neil Future Plans

Despite the fact that he is just 51 years old and has three children ages 21, 17, and 14, O’Neil, who resides in Bucks County, claimed he had no immediate plans outside a Mormon mission trip to Mozambique next week with one of his daughters. When he returns to work, he plans to try to repeat the corporate turnaround he oversaw in Philadelphia, where a $280 million franchise climbed sevenfold in value in only 8 years.

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