Ubisoft pulls down Might and Magic 10 – Legacy after DRM server shutdown issue

In the last several years, computer games have gradually emerged at a position where producers – whether enthusiasts or experienced qualified developers – set about looking to the genre’s legacy for influence rather than films and books. A sense of shared history shared by distinct generations of like-minded individuals Might & Magic 10: Legacy, developed by Ubisoft and Limbic Entertainment, grew from such foundations.

Legacy is Limbic’s effort to pay respect to the golden period of the western RPG by referring to its revival phase, based on the style, structure, and events of Might & Magic 6. Legacy’s grid-based, first-person mobility and turn-based combat are not just unabashedly retro, but also joyfully so. It roughly corresponds to your hand either arbitrarily cordons off sections of its fully open environment that could be too difficult for your low-level explorers. Alternatively, it urges users to explore and keep poking its intense creatures with a stick to discover how many numbers are pouring from the brain – and whether the figures it draws through your exploration in return are too large to be dealt with effectively in the turn-based battle to the death.

DRM issue-Might and Magic 10

DRM issue

DRM produced unforeseen issues when the servers of the games were officially turned down at the start of June throughout the instance of Ubisoft’s Might & Magic 10 – Legacy, which was published in 2014. Most of Might & Magic 10 – Legacy’s single-player as well as DLC information is DRM-protected, needing users to log in to the game’s website for authorization. However, those DRM authorization systems have been decommissioned, rendering many consumers unable to access material that they have bought for. As a result of this scenario, numerous gamers expressed their dissatisfaction online, and Ubisoft asked that Might & Magic 10 – Legacy be withdrawn from sale on Steam.

Might and Magic 10 - Legacy after DRM server shutdown issue

Since this prevents individuals from mistakenly purchasing a game they can’t even play, it doesn’t fix the problem for users who have already possess Might & Magic 10 – Legacy. As a result, many individuals are resorting to the few ways they have to express their dissatisfaction with a game. However, given the game is now no longer available for purchase, it is unclear how successful the exercise would be in this situation. Ubisoft has yet to respond to the issue.

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