Breaking News: Fatal shootout in Kearns on Tuesday night with 1 casualty

A man was killed in a shooting in Kearns on Tuesday night. According to Sgt. Melody Cutler of the Unified Police Department, a man in his 20s was deceased in Kearns on Tuesday night, and also two suspects are already in police custody. According to UPD Sgt. Melody Cutler, the incident took place at 8:30 p.m. in the neighborhood of 5600 S. Impressions Drive.

shooting in Kearns on Tuesday night

Shooting Incident

When a guy was heading south on Impressions Drive was fired at from the junction of Prairie Hills Circle, he was killed. Several bullets were fired at the individual, and he was injured. The vehicle fell into a nearby park in that area, which is on a hillside. The victim, a man in his twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene. And yet we don’t know about the details of a man because his identification has yet to be revealed by the police.

During the shooting one man was killed and the other two were luckily escaped at that time from police but thanks to policemen Both suspects have already been apprehended by police after such an intensive search. Each of the shooting suspects is under the age of eighteen and was apprehended within two hours of the incident.

A firearm was also found as evidence in the investigation by officers. A weapon suspected to have been used in the assassination has also been discovered by police. Apparently shooting was not really a random incident, according to law authorities, and there is no danger to society at this time. It’s a piece of good news that no one in public gets injured during the incident, it is very dangerous but hats off to the officers who showed their bravery and caught them. Witnesses assisted authorities in apprehending the criminals immediately.

Sgt. Melody Cutler stated that “We do have multiple witnesses to this incident, which is why we were able to find the suspects fairly quickly and get them into custody,”

As more information becomes available, we will update this article.

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