Revealing the correct pronunciation of Travis Kelce’s name

Fans went crazy on Twitter after this shocking reveal!

The famous Super Bowl champion claims that we have always been mispronouncing his name.

Fans and fellow players have been calling him “Kel-see” all this time, as this seemed the obvious way to pronounce it.

Despite this, Travis says he does not mind and that he considers this mispronunciation to be his nickname at this point.

Travis has revealed on Wednesday that his surname is pronounced “Kelss”.

But how comes that for the last 8 years Travis Kelce has kept that as a secret? When asked about it in a podcast interview, Travis said:

“I just sort of rolled with the punches”

This shows us not only that he has good humor, but also that all these years he did not care about people messing up his name.

His supporters and colleagues posted funny reaction videos and posts on Twitter.

This situation however is not unique. Tyrod Taylor and İlkay Gündoğan are two similar cases.

Even though fans are shocked and some even upset because he had been hiding this for so long, Travis Kelce brings laughter in this situation through his carelessness.

So, from now on, adjustments will be made and the footballer’s last name will be pronounced as “Kelss” by fans and teammates.

Still, this does not affect him in any way and even some fans say that as long as he keeps playing at his previously set standards (or even better) they do not mind much how his family name is being pronounced.

Travis Kelce is renowned for his outstanding performance as a tight-end. But now, this reveal seems to have made him even more famous.

His dedication of waiting over 8 years to make this known for the world shows once again that he is “the jokester” of the team.

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