Amouranth Twitch Channel Was Controversially Suspended From Ad Revenue After Hot Tub Streaming

Amouranth Siragusa, Every Twitch user has heard this name once in a while. But Twitch decided to suspend all advertising on her channel. Has, Twitch converted itself into those Orthodox Aunties? (Jokes Apart, Explicit contents are banned by Twitch) Well, we can’t really quote on that. However, wearing a bikini is still allowed on the … Read more

Wondering What To Watch On Netflix? “Play Something” Shuffle Feature Might Help

Netflix Launches ‘Play Something’ Shuffle Feature Worldwide: Earlier this year there have been reviews that Netflix will upload a new function to it known as Netflix Shuffle play. While streamers worldwide opt for Netflix to binge-watch their favorite show. Netflix also tries and come up with several enhancements for the great watching experience for their … Read more

Invincible Episode 7: When Is The Penultimate Episode Of Invincible Releasing?

All you need to know about  Invincible Episode 7: Invincible may be a Robert Kirkman-created adult animated superhero television series directed by Jeff Allen, Only six episodes aired in Season 1 of the show. Released on 26th March 2021 invincible is that an adult animated series. it’s based within the magazine of an equivalent title … Read more

The Groot Is Now A Real Life Free Walking Robot Using Disney Imagineering’s Project Kiwi

Disney Imagineering’s project kiwi: Ever Been to Disney Theme Park? Now Visiting such parks can only enhance your experience. As Disney Imagineering’s project kiwi is a free walking robot that will make you believe in Groot. For those who Don’t know Imagineering is a branch of engineering which deals with implementing creative ideas in practical … Read more