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The Rising Of the Shield Hero

The Rising Of the Shield Hero Season 3 is about a fantasy. Naofumi Iwatani magically teleports, transcending space and time. He has to save the world with a shield but he cannot do his job in complete freedom, because he faces some accusations.

All the anime lovers have been hooked to season 1 of The Rising Of the Shield Hero Season 3. It only has two seasons and it still has garnered a huge fanbase. The anime series is even among the Top 20 animes in the anime list of Crunchyroll. As per reports, the series won’t end with a second season but would get the third one too, owing to its popularity.

The Rising Of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is manga series based on Japanese culture. It is available as manga, light novel, and anime.

  • Light Novel is written by Aneko Yusagi, published by Media Factory, with illustrations on genre of fantasy and isekai by Seira Minami.
  • Manga is written by Aiya Kyū, and Published by Media Factory.
  • Anime: Directions of Season 1 by Takao Abo, Season 2 by Masato Jinbo. Writer: Keigo Koyonagi.

The Rising Of the Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date announced

The production of the series is going on and it will be released in the year 2021. Initially, it was said that the anime series would air by the end of 2020, but pandemics and lockdowns made things slow and halted the process. The trailer has also been released for the season third.

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The Rising Of the Shield Hero Season 3 Cast could be change

  • Naofumi Iwatani (Kaito Ishikawa in Japanese, Billy Kametz in English)
  • Motoyasu Kitamura (Makoto Takahashi in Japanese, Xander Mobus in English)
  • Filo (Rina Hidaka in Japanese, Brianna Knickerbocker in English)
  • Raphtalia (Asami Seto in Japanese, Erica Mendez in English)
  • Ren Amaki (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in Japanese, Alan Lee in English)

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