Emulator Aggregator RetroArch is officially launched on Steam and that too For Free


Good News! After a testing phase of almost a year. RetroArch has officially launched which is a front-based program that brings together all the emulators from classic computers to game consoles. Only available through steam to the public. The official website and one available via steam are almost the same. Or it is also available … Read more

QuakeCon 2021 schedule accidentally leaks as it was mentioned “revitalized Quake”

quakecon 2021

QuakeCon’s 2021 edition QuakeCon 2021’s entire itinerary was revealed by Bethesda earlier today, prior to its August 19 debut. The event is all virtual (taking into consideration the current COVID-19 pandemic situation), with a variety of livestreams related primarily to Quake, but also to Doom, Deathloop, Fallout 76, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Developer panels … Read more

Epic Games Store’s Free games for next week would be ‘Offworld Trading Company’ and ‘Obduction’

epic games free games

Epic Games Store, which offers free games to game lovers every week, has announced the productions it will distribute next week. Here is all about those games. Off World Tradıng Company: Offworld Trading Company, a real-time economic strategy game, is a real-time strategy game where you can defeat your enemies not with a rifle, but … Read more

Ubisoft pulls down Might and Magic 10 – Legacy after DRM server shutdown issue

Ubisoft pulls down Might and Magic 10-Legacy

In the last several years, computer games have gradually emerged at a position where producers – whether enthusiasts or experienced qualified developers – set about looking to the genre’s legacy for influence rather than films and books. A sense of shared history shared by distinct generations of like-minded individuals Might & Magic 10: Legacy, developed … Read more

Rumor: Fire Emblem remake is at the verge of its completion

Fire Emblem remake

Intelligent Systems created the epic strategic role-playing videogame franchise Fire Emblem, which is distributed by Nintendo. The series, which debuted in 1990 on the Famicom, now has sixteen main entries plus 4 spinoffs. The gameplay focuses on the strategic motion of players over grid-based areas, with stories and characters that are equally prevalent in classic … Read more

Faze Clan Fires Kay, and Suspends Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo Over the allegations of ‘Crypto pump’

Faze Clan is indeed an American professional esports as well as entertainment company based in Los Angeles. The group, which was founded on May 30, 2010, includes members from all over the world who play games such as FIFA, Fortnite Battle Royale, Rocket League, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, Valorant, … Read more

UEFA EURO 2020 Day 14 Group Stages: Wales vs Denmark and Itlay vs. Austria | How to watch, Starting XI and Everything you need to know

About The Championship- UEFA EURO 2020 is an annual football competition. UEFA EURO 2020 or 2020 UEFA European Football Championship is the sixteenth UEFA European Championship. The championship organized by the Union of European Football Associations is the international men’s football championship of Europe. In this tournament 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries played together. … Read more